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Forever on the lookout for new approaches, PM works closely with some of the best innovators in the industry.
We don’t push product; we push expertise.  Long a PM tagline, you’ll quickly discover our in-depth knowledge.
We’re experts in dealing with multiple manufacturers, shippers & complex delivery schedules.  And we do it fast!
With offices in USA, UK & Norway, we understand the need to provide international services at a local level.


Sometimes the best solutions are also the cheapest!

Read how we identified a mill for an economical alternative alloy for a Geothermal Power Plant, and went on to provide technical and logistical support to both the power plant and the foundry.



We know the problems

And we recognize great solutions when we see them.  Always on the lookout for products that save our customers time and money, we work with many successful industry innovators.



Leak Free Flanges?  Is there such a thing?

Yes!  Meet the DeltaV-Seal™ from the Norwegian inventors of the award-winning Quickflange.  An all-metal, one piece gasket, DeltaV-Seal is leak proof with metal-to-metal sealing.


Technical Expertise. Proven Success.

The demands of our industry are second nature to us. Complicated product specifications are our daily fodder. We breathe the urgency of tight deadlines.

With over 25 years experience, we possess a special expertise for challenging installations. Because no two projects are ever alike, we approach each assignment with innovation and commitment to the end result. For us, knowing what works and what doesn’t goes beyond basic knowledge; it runs in our blood!

Our customers have come to regard us as extensions of their own operations; partners who can see mutual success. From pre-order technical support through final product delivery, we honor the trust our customers place in us with each and every order.

Because–ultimately–we know that your success is what keeps us going…

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Flexible & Responsive
Complex Project Logistics
Always Goal Oriented
Standards & Testing Procedures

We’re all about…

  • International

    ISO 9000 certified, we have offices in Florida and Houston, US; the UK and Norway. We have positioned ourselves globally this way as we understand today's need to provide international services at a local level. Our offices, while addressing individual country needs, enjoy a central network of intelligence.   >> read more

  • Shared Knowledge

    With 30 years in the industry, our technical expertise and extensive success with difficult project specifications sets us a cut above the rest.  This technical expertise assures our customers that their critical projects are in the hands of the best in the industry.  While there are many suppliers in the industry,   >> read more

  • Project Management

    From initial product assessment to after-sales support, we align our people and priorities for complete and swift process focused-actions.  Reliably monitoring all aspects of a project for successful and timely completion, our goal is always to be flexible and responsive to the unforeseen that, unless anticipated   >> read more

  • Logistics

    Identifying partners in logistics is all about leverage, real or predicted.  We understand the importance of matching demand with supply and always seek alliance with solid manufacturers and top ranked freight agencies, applying logistics technology to all aspects of our delivery system.   >> read more

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