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Leak Free Gasket


Introducing the DeltaV-Seal™

Cryogenic and Fire Safe tested leak free gasket sealsThe Challenge

Replacement + downtime = added cost

Gasket seal leakage is a well-known problem in all industries using pipes and flanges.

Studies show that sealings between flanges frequently appear to be the weakest part of a piping connection.

Leakages may often cause loss of production and productivity, and as a result, significantly higher costs.

The Solution

No leakage = no downtime = cost saving

Norwegian company, Pipeotech, has developed a new metallic sealing technology; DeltaV-Seal™. This all-metal, one piece gasket is the worlds first type-approved gasket.


  • LEAK PROOF – metal to metal multiple sealing. One primary, two secondary
  • An all metal, one piece gasket. In equal material or a galvanic compatible material to the flange itself, galvanic corrosion eliminated
  • Solid, metal-to-metal sealing. Less torque and no retightening of the bolts necessary
  • Seals damages to the pipe flanges (tested up to 0.3 mm)
  • Fire Test approved to API 6FB, withstands as much heat as the flange connection itself. Blow out resistant
  • TA-Luft Helium test approved VDI 2440
  • Leakage Helium test approved EN 13555
  • Cryogenic tested -183°C
  • ASME & DIN/EN standards
  • DNV GL type approved
  • Leakage & burst / vibration & pressure tests approve by DNV GL
  • High mechanical stress and vibration resistant
  • Standard assembly procedure
  • One universal gasket, applicable for a full variety of liquids and gases
  • No fragmentation, easy flange face cleaning
  • Easy and cost effective storage and logistics
  • Long lifetime – low lifecycle cost

Leak-Free Flange Seals, Cryogenic and Fire Safe tested and certified

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