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TS Moly Lubricants

T. S. Moly Lubricants, Inc. manufactures specialized industrial lubricants featuring MoS (molybdenum disulfide).   T. S. Moly Lubricants has greases, oils, antiseize compounds, aerosols, and additives in a variety of packaging sizes. Industries served include marine construction, offshore oil and gas drilling, sugar refining, metal fabrication, and a variety of manufacturing and service companies, plus consumers.

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Extreme temperatures, contains only solid additives.Unlike most extreme temperature greases, contains only solid additives. Fluid compounds may test well in laboratory conditions, but they usually withstand heat of no more than 350°F to 400°F. Solid lubricating additives remain unaffected at substantially higher temperatures.
TS-70 Moly Paste
General purposes moly paste
70% by weight of molybdenum disulfide, provides uniform and durable boundary lubrication under extreme pressure, in wet or corrosive environments, and over a wide temperature range.
TS-73 Torque Tight
Anti-gall for small stainless steel and soft metal fittings
Prevents galling on stainless steel and other exotic metals. Equally effective on similar or dissimilar combinations.
TS-74 Stainless
Anti-gall for stainless steel and soft metal fasteners
Power & effective anti-seize for stainless steel and other exotic metals where sealing is not an issue.  Resists over-torquing.
TS-84 Synergel
High temperature elastomer-friendly anti-seize
Similar to TS-74 but expressly formulated to be elastomer friendly. Lower K factor allows for proper make-up with less torque input than TS-74.
TS-85 Synergel
High temperature elastomer-friendly anti-seize; excellent lubricant in severe loading & temperatures
Like TS-84 but with temperature from -50°F to +350°F. "Smooth out" tendency for worn areas on the metal surface. Deposits of molybdenum disulfide are formed on the peaks of asperites providing a smooth laminar flow of metal to metal. Repeat make & break of fasteners or fittings lubricated with Synergel LT will result in a highly polished threaded area.


T. S. Moly Lubricants, Inc., located in Houston, Texas, is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial lubricants. Customers include end users, supply companies, and distributors in both domestic and foreign markets. Products sold include greases, oils, anti-seize compounds, aerosols, and additives. Although T.S. Moly Lubricants’ products generally feature molybdenum disulfide (“moly” for short), not all of them do. Some products are designed for specific applications for which moly is inappropriate. Two SeaSafe® greases are environmentally-safe (as defined by the U.S. E.P.A.).

Much of the development of T.S Moly’s products have taken place with the participation of customers. This close working relationship has created exceptional products, which have been added to the product line. T. S. Moly Lubricants’ customers include a wide range of companies, with a concentration in marine construction, offshore oil and gas drilling, industrial manufacturing, and sugar mills.

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