Fire Safe & Cryogenic Gasket


Multiple Industries – Multiple Uses

Emissions free flange sealThe DeltaV-Seal has a wide industry application:

High Temperature – Hydrocarbons & Steam, District Heating & Bio Energy – download product flyer for high temperature environments

Fire Safe – High Temperature, Hydrocarbons & Steam – download product flyer for fire safe details

Cryogenics – LNG, LPG – download product flyer for cryogenic environments

Fugitive Emissions – Emissions free

Environmental – download product flyer for details on green, environmental sealing

Testing & Approvals

Fire Test Approved: API6FB

Emissions: TA-Luft Helium VDI 2440, EN 13555

DNV-GL Approvals: No-Leakage Test, Burst Pressure Test, Vibration Test, Pressure Pulsation Test, No-Leakage with damaged flange, Bolt Torque Test,  Corrosion Test

GE Healthcare Approval: Corrosion Test

Leakage Test Approved: EN 13555, DNV-GL

Burst Pressure Test Approved: DNV-GL

Vibration Test Approved: DNV-GL

Pressure Pulse Test Approved: DNV-GL

No-Leakage Damaged Flange Approved: DNV-GL

Bolt Torque Test Approved: DNV-GL

Corrosion Test Approved: DNV-GL

Download Tests Results, Approvals and Certifications Flyer!

Emissions free flange seal; fire tested, cryogenics tested and approved

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