PM Cares About the Community

PM Cares About the Community

At PM International Suppliers, we take pride in our community. We do our part to ensure the well-being of those in and around it. Here are some examples of non-profit organizations and causes we have supported over the past year:

porch light

The Porch Light provides a safe place for victims of sex trafficking. Girls stay in the safe home for 9-12 months, depending on individual and specific needs. The safe home is at an undisclosed location for the protection and security of the victims. It is staffed by a director, mental health counselor and female caregivers. Each girl has her own bedroom and bathroom within a residential suite.

In addition to providing necessary care to victims, The Porch Light also includes sex trafficking prevention and advocacy efforts. The Porch Light representatives partner with law enforcement to educate in schools, churches and community groups to prevent more girls from becoming victims of the growing sex trade.



PACE Center for Girls Polk is located in Lakeland and was founded on January 17, 2001. Since opening, PACE Polk has served hundreds of girls in the community. These girls have gone on to graduate from high school, attend college and find meaningful jobs.

PACE has developed a nationally recognized, research-based non-residential program model. This model features a balanced emphasis on academics and social services, with a focus on the future for middle and high-school aged girls and young women.

The foundation of PACE is our gender-responsive culture where we provide a safe environment that celebrates girls. PACE offers services that take into account how girls learn and develop. Our supportive staff members respond to and celebrate each girl’s strengths and challenges.

The holistic, strength-based, and asset building PACE program model addresses the needs of girls. It has garnered recognition nationally as one of the most effective programs in the country for keeping girls from entering the juvenile justice system.



EMERGE Lakeland is a meaningful networking organization of dedicated, talented young professionals ranging in age from 21-42 in Lakeland. This organization is a partnership of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Central Florida. Groundwork for such an organization began in 2003. The partnership offers a unique opportunity for collaboration between the two organizations for the continued strengthening of the community. EMERGE offers monthly events which rotate between social gatherings, lunch ‘n learns, and volunteer opportunities.


warrior walk 2

This annual event consists of a small ceremony and a walk around picturesque Lake Hollingsworth. The Warrior Walk is put on in honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice during Operations Iraqi/Enduring Freedoms. The event is hosted by the Marvin Shields Seabee Battalion and the Polk County Veterans Council.



wilson house

Started in 1994, the Wilson House is an in-house recovery center for the chronically homeless male substance abuser. For many of the residents it’s the last chance in a long string of failed attempts at achieving sobriety. By the time they reach The Wilson House, most are unemployable and unable to support themselves. New residents do not work so they may focus on learning about the disease that has destroyed their lives. The two main texts used are the “Big Book” and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). They believe that the AA program, and a working relationship with a higher power, are essential to the recovery of the chronic substance abuser. Many residents of the Wilson House have been pulled from the gates of death and are now sober, happy and productive members of their communities.

The program began with six (6) men, all members of AA, and the intention of helping the hopeless and homeless chronic substance abuser by providing a halfway house.  It is funded by contributions, not dependent on any one organization.

Stair Climb

Each year, approximately 100 Firefighters die while serving their communities. Many more die from cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, stroke, and other injuries and illnesses suffered as a result of their service. We can work together to honor these sacrifices and care for the Firefighters who assume these risks and the families who share them.

Join this living memorial on September 10th, 2016 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront for the 15th anniversary commemoration of 9/11/01. Firefighters, Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Civilians will join together in a spirit of remembrance and courage to honor the memories of those lost 15 years ago. Teams and individuals will climb 110 flights of stairs, the same number as in the twin towers, wearing the name of a fallen Emergency Responder whose life was lost on that day. We climb in memory, and to honor each of the fallen 343 FDNY, 23 NYPD, and 37 Port Authority heroes, and to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by Firefighters everywhere.

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